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fishing area Itoshiro
It is a small snow fed mountain stream.
It has a lot of riffles, pockets, deep pools and a few nice runs.
It is pristine mountain creek.
It is visited by many anglers, Easy access and stable pools, pools change little year to year so intimate knowledge of each pool is part of getting to know this pretty stream.
Itoshiro offers a quality fishing experience for both beginner and experienced anglers.
The catch and release title on this river is well adhered to by all anglers, barbless hooks are used to limit fish damage.
The stream is lively, the fish are lively, and the surrounding typical Japanese farm land moves at an ancient pace. When the days get cooler, the rice fields turn brown; this signals the end of the season.
A variety of hatches offer exciting dry fly fishing, small colorful Japanese trout snatch eagerly at your dry, Timing is everything.
At dusk the some-what shy Japanese river fish appear near the surface in wait for the evening hatches of caddis which can at times be giant size. This is when some of the largest fish can be fooled.
Itoshiro brings anglers together and lunch time opens discussion for the events of the mornings fishing. Flies are swapped, photofs shared and plans for fishing after lunch are made.
The fish of Itoshiro stick closely to the rocks, pocket fishing with relatively large dries demands high fishing skill.
Itoshiro is a small stream with a big heart, many anglers fall in love with this pretty and rewarding stream.
A river for fisher men and women never a bad word was spoken about this little gem hidden in the mountains of Japan.
Itoshiro snaps